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Britney Spears' Version


Britney Spears - Baby One More Time (Official Video)

...Baby One More Time is Brtiney Spears' first music video which propelled her into superstardom.

The video was filmed on August 7 and August 8, 1998, in Los Angeles, California, at Venice High School, the same school used to film the movie Grease. Spears' assistant, Felicia Culotta, played the role of Spears's teacher.

The video begins with Spears appearing bored in class at a Catholic high school. When the bell rings, Spears runs out into the hall and begins a choreographed dance. After this, Spears is outside, now adorned in a pink sports bra and white track pants. Her entire midriff is bare. Along with a couple of other students, she performs a number of gymnastic moves before heading back inside.

Finally, Spears is then sitting on the bleachers in the gymnasium watching a basketball game. Her love interest is revealed sitting close to her, played by her real-life cousin Chad. After this short segment, Spears begins her final dance routine. She is in a yellow sports bra and red track pants, and her midriff is bare as well. The video ends shortly afterwards, revealing that the whole thing had actually just been Spears's daydream.

Tove Styrke's Version


Tove Styrke - ... Baby One More Time

...Baby One More Time features Stryke listening and singing along to the song on her mobile device.

The Baseballs' Version


The Baseballs - ...Baby One More Time (official video)

...Baby One More Time features the trio performing the song at a party after their girlfriends dumped them.