Aerosmith - Crazy

Crazy stars Alicia Silverstone and Liv Tyler as schoolgirls who skip class and run away, driving off in a black Ford Mustang convertible. The two use their good looks to take advantage of a service station clerk, and needing money, enter an amateur dance competition. The video is noteworthy for its very risque and suggestive sexual scenes. The video also shows the similarities in stage moves of Steven Tyler and daughter Liv. In the end, the girls win the amateur dance competition. They continue their joyride the following day, where they encounter a young farmer tilling land in the countryside. They persuade him to join them in their journeys, where they all go for a skinny dip in a lake, and nearly abandon him. The final seconds of the video show the word "Crazy" spelled out in cursive in the cropland by the still-running tractor.

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