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Cyndi Lauper's Version


Cyndi Lauper - Girls Just Want To Have Fun (Official Video)

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun was shot in the summer of 1983 and produced by Mother Studio in the Lower East Side of Manhattan. It cost less than $35,000, largely due to a volunteer cast and the free loan of the most sophisticated video equipment available at the time. The cast included wrestler "Captain" Lou Albano in the role of Lauper's father while her real mother, Catrine, played herself. Lauper's attorney, Elliot Hoffman, appeared as her uptight dancing partner. Also in the cast were Lauper's manager, David Wolf, her brother, Butch Lauper, and a bevy of secretaries borrowed from Portrait/CBS, Lauper's record label.

Lorne Michaels agreed to give Lauper free run of his brand new million dollar digital editing equipment, with which she and her producer created several first-time-ever computer generated images of Lauper dancing with her buttoned-up lawyer, leading the entire cast in a snake-dance through New York streets and crashing a giant party. It was parodied in David Lee Roth's "Just a Gigolo (I Ain't Got Nobody)" & Sesame Street's Grouch Girls Don't Wanna Have Fun & Sesame Street's Kids Just Love to Brush video.

Cassey Doreen's Version


Cassey Doreen - Girls Just Want To Have Fun (Official Music Video)

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun features Doreen and her girlfriends out together for a shopping trip before they head to the club.