What music videos can be added?

Any official music video from any musical artist or musical acts.

Where can I find official music videos?

You can find most official videos on YouTube, preferably from the artist's or label's channel. You can also find videos on Dailymotion, Vimeo and Youku (a Japanese video site). Videos from these sites can be embedded into the articles. You can also find videos MTV affiliated sites such MTV.UK and MTV Base Africa, however you cannot embedded the video just added a link.

Can I add a live (performance) video version of a song?

Only if the live video is an official released video such as a performance on MTV's Unplugged and VH1's Storytellers.

Can I add a lyric video?

As long as the lyric video is an official video.

Can I add a making-of/behind-the-scenes video?

Yes, just add a source if the video comes from entertainment news source.

What size can I upload images?

There is no size limit but generally no less than a 400 px width, images will reduced to 200 x 150 px in the video templates.

Can I add an image gallery to an article?

Yes, but upload images that clearly represent that video (avoid images that contain cutoff bits).

How can I create a screenshot image from a video?

Using full screen on video, press print screen key on your keyboard to copy the image you want from the video. Open an image editor such as MS Paint and copy the image and save image. You can edit (crop & scale down) the image.

Can add a video clip from a movie or a television series that has a song?

No, only official videos that have released such as the Flashdance videos "What a Feeling" and "Maniac" or come from a segment such as the various Sesame Street music videos.

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