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Los del Rio's Version


Los Del Rio - Macarena (Bayside Boys Remix)


Los Del Rio - Macarena Christmas (Joy Mix) (Video)


Macarena - Los del Rio

Macarena (Joy Mix) video.

Macarena (Los del Rio) has several music videos. The most common features the duo performing in front of a white backdrop interspersed with some women performing the dance moves. The other was in black and white and was more instructional in that the women and men are clearly shown performing the specific dance moves. A Christmas-themed version was also released and, in 2016, a remix video with Gente de Zona was released. and 2019 new single Ayy Macarena with Tyga

Los del Mar's Version


Macarena - Los Del Mar


Los Del Mar - Macarena ('96 Remix)

Macarena (Los del Mar) features women performing the dance moves at a pool and at a club. A remix video features lead vocalist Pedro Castaño singing in a rocking chair as he watches the official video on a television set and people trying to dance to the song across the room. Outside his house, he finds people doing the choreography movements of the dance. As the video ends, a car pulls up and it is revealed that everybody is on a soundstage. One of the men from asks if they can teach them how to do the Macarena.