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Madonna - Ray Of Light (Official Music Video)

Ray of Light is noted for its Koyaanisqatsi-inspired music video, featuring time-lapse images of daily life, from people riding a subway, ordering food, bowling, and children in a classroom to sped-up city-scapes and freeways at night. In almost every scene with people in it, such as in the club or classroom, one person was staring directly at the camera, while everyone else went on with their daily lives.

Madonna's scenes were shot on March 25–26, 1998 at Raleigh Studios and at a nightclub in downtown Los Angeles. The images of various cities included Los Angeles, New York, London, Las Vegas and Stockholm, Sweden. It also featured a couple of clips from the Swedish television game show Bingolotto.

The video was nominated for 8 awards at the 1998 MTV Video Music Awards, winning five including Best Female Video and Video of the Year.